PetSafe Do-It-Yourself Dog Kennel Dog Run - 10 x 10 x 6.

One thing I must say is that this product has really been of great use as to keeping my dogs from getting out of my yard. I have 2 3 rottweilers, & before I even got PetSafe YardMax Pet Fence PRO-Grade, they would always find a way 2 find a gap in the fence and run off,..but NOW that I've got this product EVERYTHING's goin' just as I've planned.

I like that this company gives you the same heavy duty wire and surge protector that the Invisible Fence people use when they install a fence.

I did notice one flaw in the system, it runs parallel to my cable in the front of my house, so the collar randomly does not react to the fence, my dogs may never figure it out, but this is a concern in retrospect I would have buried the wire further back.

John Mitchell,

Coolidge, Az (Posted on 8/11/2013)

Petsafe Boxed Kennel Chain Link Fence Pet Supplies Dog Run Cage Gate #Fencemaster

A 3-foot-wide clearance is sufficient for most canines. Plant a screen to hide this dog run if you like; pets seem to like having their own "secret garden." If you have a Houdini and need to keep your escape artist from tunneling under the fence, you may need to install an underground barrier made of rebar, chicken wire, or poured concrete.

Dog Run Package | PetSafe Dog Enclosure & Sunblock Top.

Petsafe Boxed Kennel Chain Link Fence Pet Supplies Dog Run Cage Gate #Fencemaster I was always skeptical about an invisible fence for my dogs and worried if it would actually work. The other problem was the cost, I had looked into a few companies and they cost a few thousand dollars. After moving to a house with much bigger property, and having to go outside with my two dogs multiple times a day and them pulling me on the leash because they just want to run free, I decided to look into the invisible fence again. I came across reviews about the PetSafe YardMax Pet Fence ProGrade and was thrilled. Not only did it cost a fraction of the price, a few hundred compared to thousands but it offered great features. I don't have to buy batteries like I was told with the other companies every so often that cost around hundred dollars because this battery is rechargeable, but I only have to charge it about once a month. Another thing I love about the YardMax is the collars fit perfect and make sure every time you put it on it is fit correctly on your dog so they cannot get it off. The collars are also lightweight so my dogs don't mind having it on.

The system was easy to install and when I wasn't sure about something when setting up the fence I called customer service and was given professional and courteous help. The run through prevention was great , since one time my dog decided to try to chase a squirrel across the line, he ran about ten feet into the fence and came running back, this was the last time he tested it.

I would recommend this system to anyone with dogs, it is great as an owner to know my dogs are safe and i don't have to walk them all the time with a bad back and they have their freedom of running. I have border collies that are natural herding dogs and runners so they love they're new found freedom and are intelligent and learned the boundaries fairly quickly. I wish I could thank the actual inventor of this product and how they looked at flaws from other companies such as price, purchasing batteries, correcting settings on collars and space maximizer and came up with the PetSafe YardMax Pet Fence ProGrade. It really is professional quality and is worth every penny and has a three year guarantee, which not every company offered.

I can not stress enough how much it has improved the quality of life for my dogs and myself. Having an injury is not easy, walking the dogs and they want to run around without being restricted but of course as an owner you worry about letting your dogs run free and fearing they get lost or injured. Having the PetSafe system has made it easier on me not hurting myself by running with my dogs and they love being outside in the fresh air and not having to wait on me to take them out. I love this product and my only regret is that I wish I found it sooner.

Alicia Reppert,
Bangor, Pa. (Posted on 7/24/2013)

PetSafe Dog Kennel : Set Up - YouTube

I live in southern Mo, where fields go and go and hills are there to climb. Being in the country has it's perks, but it also has its acres and acres of wooded land where hunters practice the sport. No Trespassing means nothing and gunfire is heard from all directions sometimes.

In 2011 My Rambo came up missing and after a couple of days searching, we found him at the creek, shot!. It was a sad time for us. We had him for 8 years and now Maggie his sister was alone. She also wept for days.

We knew that we could not stop the hunters, so we decided to put up a fence to protect and safe keep Maggie. We looked at
so many different brands and styles but either the price was to expensive, or the maintenance was ridiculous. We wanted a system that was dependable, affordable, and easy to upgrade when we wanted.

My husband came across the Petsafe Yardmax Pro-Grade and was pretty impressed by the features of the fence. It was made especially for dogs over 10 lbs, had a small and lightweight collar that when fully charged lasted about a month. It came with 500 ft. of the heavy duty wire and we purchased an extra 500 ft so that we could give Maggie extra room to run. We also loved that it had a “Run Through Feature”
and a “Space Saving Technology”so our Maggie would be safe in our zones.

The kit included everything we needed, was complete with instructions and my husband installed it with no problems. We used the staples in leiu of burying the wire. It also came with boundary flags to let the hunters know of the fence,

We loved the 3 year guarantee but so far have not needed it. The price was even more attractive at just $476.00. We know that it has saved our Maggie and we still miss our Rambo. Every cent we have spent however has been worth it.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone and have!

Thanks for reading,
Debra Owens (Posted on 10/1/2013)

PetSafe Dog Kennel : Installation - YouTube