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You absolutely don’t have to spend thousands of dollars building a fence that will spoil the style of your home and your ability to move around your yard. The best-selling Petsafe In-Ground Dog Fences are here to provide you with fast, easy, cost-effective and noninvasive pet fence products.

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Now, even if your backyard is as big as a city park, your pets can roam freely and safely, thanks to the advanced digital technology of the PetSafe Professional ProTx-1. Of course, it also works in the smallest of spaces to give your pet protection that's completely adjustable and always reliable. And you'll have multiple training options designed to suit your dog's temperament, no matter the breed. As the industry leader, we're dedicated to innovation and quality. Our mission is to be the most trusted brand in the pet ownership experience. That's why our entire line of products was created specifically with your pet's well-being in mind.

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PetSafe PRO  has an overall  based on their activity and popularity. A: Most importantly, I am a trained, experienced and locally-owned and operated dealer for PetSafe Pro and my experience will ensure a professional installation. Additionally, our product has a lifetime transferable warranty that I will service for you, even after the sale.

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ADMIN – Hi Andrew. I’m sorry. PetSafe bought out Innotek and all of the Innotek products have been discontinued. This includes the Innotek/PetSafe UltraSmart, IUC 5100, Contain n Train, IUC 4100, etc. The replacement parts are not being made any more and there are no currently available collars that are compatible with these systems. You can sometimes find replacements on eBay and a few other sites, but they cost between roughly $100 and $300. These systems are not being supported anymore either.
One option would be to keep your existing dog fence wire (provided there are no wire breaks in the perimeter loop) and upgrade your transmitter and collar to a new system.
Simply, unplug the old transmitter, connect the new transmitter, and test the collar with the Test Light Tool on your new dog fence system.
Also, the newer dog fence systems have replacement collars more readily available than the older dog fence systems.
If you are interested in replacing your system, please visit our page to see currently available systems.

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Your system will be properly installed and ready for you to begin training. The success of an Underground Fence depends largely on proper installation of your system and the training of your dog. A PetSafe Professional's expertise will ensure complete reliability and functionality of your system. Reliability is the most important factor in the purchase of a pet containment system. PetSafe Professional™ has such confidence in the reliability of its products that it offers a FREE Lifetime Unconditional Transferable warranty on its Professional System when installed by an Authorized PetSafe Professional™ such as Hickory Ridge Farms.