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…I've taken my dog (70lb golden doodle) to several "real" groomers and believe it or not, Petsmart seems to be the best place for us. Without a nail clipping its $60.…

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I usually still file his nails with a human nail file for real nails even after he has them clipped/ground, because they are still scratchy. It takes a while, but he lets me do that better. So I can try the nail file for acrylic nails too, that may work better! I may get that first, then the sandpaper board, then either the Furminator grinder or a dremel if that is what we need. And if all else fails, well, I will just take him to the Petsmart people – he hasn’t had a problem with them, I just wanted to see if doing it myself would be a better investment.

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taken to PetSmart in Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, for a bath and nail clipping. Our cat went to PetSmart for nail clipping. The groomer had the animal on the elevated table in a harness to prevent movement. A phone call went unanswered so she left the animal in a harness on the table and went get the phone, cat panics and jumps from the table and harness hangs her by the neck. Wife had to run into empty room to save the cat. Cat had damaged trachea, damages 2 teeth (pulled). Did survive but no longer allows owners to hold or pick her up. Very little interaction with people, runs away. PetSmart response very poor. Did pay vet bill, then vanished. We have not.

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That's exactly what a San Mateo couple says happened to them when they took their puppy to a PetSmart to get his nails clipped. Now the couple is suing for negligence.

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The owners of one-year-old Henry the Dachshund are suing PetSmart after the dog died while getting his nails clipped in San Mateo. (Allison E. Cordova)…I take my babies to the petsmart at bandera pointe. They are small dogs also. They charge 17.99 for bath/brush/nail clipping. Not sure how old your baby is, but they char…