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For smaller pets this can be really important in making them comfortable with the system. Putting a collar that is going to be a burden on the pet is not a good idea. Pet Stop® has the lightest, smallest receiver on the market - the UltraElite Receiver® weighing only 1.3 ounces. A larger receiver, the UltraMax Receiver®, was designed for more determined dogs.

Large nylon collar, 17”+. Fits PetStop® and PetSafe® receivers. Red and Lt Blue only

If your PetSafe® Professional receiver flashes as soon as you replace the battery, this is normal. It means that your batteries were completely dead or you left them out of the receiver for a few minutes. The number of flashes indicates the shock level of the collar.

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Innotek dog collars are specially designed to help dog owners train their pets without the need for yelling or touching the dog.... Our nylon collars are made of sturdy nylon webbing and punched to fit all of our receivers. Collars are available in one-size-fits-all for the perfect fit on any pet. You can choose from a wide selection of colors to bring out your pet's unique style.

OT-300 Transmitter Owner's Guide - Pet Stop

As all the collars need batteries to operate, you need to know when to replace them. Being on a regular replacement program is very useful but you never know how long a battery is going to last or how much it is being used. Therefore a battery warning light is essential. The Pet Stop patented Flash Alert® feature will always remind you when your pet’s battery needs replacing

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Our Elite SW collar weights just 1.3 oz. and has a patented correction scheme that adapts to your pet's specific behavior. The Elite SW can be programmed to work with some Pet Containment transmitters.A set of 2 replacement contact probes for any Pet Stop® Collar-Receiver. Our probes are equipped with a spring-mechanism, to ensure the right pressure for your pet and we include a replacement backstrap to secure the probes to your pet's collar. Our UltraElite® Collar receiver weighs 1.3 oz. and is the lightest, most advance, customizable collar available on the market. Each receiver can be individually programmed to meet the specific needs of your pet(s). The UltraElite receiver can be programmed to work on most Pet Containment transmitters. Including Invisible Fence, DogWatch Hidden Fence, Pet Safe, and Dog Guard. The Dog Fence Experts at Pet Stop designed the EcoLite Plus with your pet’s day-to-day comfort and safety in mind. Even with the tiny size, each EcoLite+ has a full range of programmability in addition to a Heavy Duty tough case. The EcoLite+ boasts all these features: