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At rest time, why not pamper your furry friends with a mat, blanket or cushion that is both comfy and easier on the environment? Max and Maggie can rest easy on West Paw Design’s durable, machine washable pet bedding made with soft yet resilient recycled plastic from beverage bottles. The recycled plastic is used both for the fabrics and the filling. West Paw Design uses 80 plastic bottles to make a medium size pet bed – the company says it has diverted more than 4.6 million plastic bottles from waste!

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Curver, a leading manufacturer of durable indoor and outdoor plastic home accessories, recently added two new pet products to their trendy . The Cozy Pet Bed and Cozy Pet Home both feature unique, 3D-knitted plastic shells that combine innovation and design with a modern color palette.

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Pet Care · Dog Beds · Heated Pet Beds & Mats; Large Plastic Heated Pet Mat .. Worldwise has been considered an innovator in this industry, with a focus on making quality products from natural, recycled, reclaimed and certified organic materials. This includes the use for the past decade of recycled plastic bottles as fiberfill stuffing in the company's PoochPlanet pet beds.

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From pet beds stuffed with ground-up water bottles to cat litter pans made from plastic hangers, Fido and Tabby will have a greater chance to join their human companions as "green conscious."

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Collect all of your used plastic bags that you have around your house and stuff your pet bed. This is where you can use stuffing if you do not have any plastic bags laying around your house taking up valuable cupboard space because you gave away the plastic bag holder that you made.
If your dog has a thick coat and you're looking for a traditional indoor bed, make sure to avoid super-plush options that retain a lot of heat. A with a raised surface might also be a good choice, because it'll allow cool air to circulate under your dog as it sleeps. If your dog spends a lot of time basking in the sun, a plastic cooling pet bed filled with water or gel can help prevent your dog from overheating after playing fetch or running a dog marathon.Flat, ultra-supportive orthopedic pet beds are well-suited for canines with arthritis or hip dysplasia. They're usually made of thick memory foam that'll ease pressure on your dog's sore joints, as well as block the sometimes bothersome temperature of the floor. At the very least, select a bed with thick padding, and avoid all raised beds that require your dog to climb or jump onto them.Innovative new methods of repurposing material or plastic into bed filling, or batting, are allowing pet-bed manufacturers to limit waste and provide comfortable pet furniture. Montana-based West Paw Design, for example, uses its IntelliLoft, a batting made from recycled plastic bottles.