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Porcupine quill-bearded canines…they come in all shapes and sizes. Most are definitely picture-worthy spectacles but please (for the love of your veterinarian and pet) leave them alone and immediately bring your pup to the ER! Ok, ok…maybe a bit over the top. If your dog is amenable and just has a few easy quills on the legs or face you might be able to pull them yourself, but if you had that many quills in your body, would you want your buddy to pull them without the benefit of medications?! I doubt it, so please don’t put your 4-legged friend through that.

Some, like flying squirrels, not surprisingly made good pets. But the porcupine was a surprise.

Will the porcupine think it’s a puppy? Will you require medical assistance from Dr. Tweezers? Will there be balloons involved? Let’s pet a porcupine and find out!

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Can You Have a Porcupine As a Pet

If you have a porcupine pet already logged on, will you still get a pet of the month loot bag? Porcupines are considered to be exotic pets as they are wild animals not conventionally owned as pets. In Canada it is perfectly fine to own a porcupine as a pet. However, it is illegal to own a porcupine in California and some other states in America. In Utah, New York and many other American states, a porcupine is classified under the ‘uncontrolled’ category of animals. Thus, you may own a porcupine as a pet. In the occasion where you wish to breed your porcupines, you should obtain a license from The Department of Wildlife or Fish and Game.

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Take all precautions to minimize porcupine encounters. If your pet does become quilled, make sure to call your veterinarian or your local emergency hospital right away to minimize discomfort and complications.


discovered something new in a staff meeting a few weeks ago, and that is that you can pet a porcupine without getting hurt. I have never actually pet a porcupine, but I was told it is possible without a follow-up trip the hospital, if you do it correctly.To pet one of these porcupines requires developing trust just like a real porcupine. No, holding out your hand to see if they sniff you is probably not the best way to go about it, but spending time getting to know them is. Learning about their perspective, their past, their priorities can give you insight in how best to go about working and getting along with them. Taking the time to building trust with can go a very long way, and save you a lot of pain in the end. Just as I am sure petting a real porcupine is an amazing experience, I know that getting someone who is a bit prickly on your side can be just as fulfilling.If you want to pet a porcupine without getting stuck by a bunch of quills you don’t run up and startle it. You don’t quickly scoop it up into your hands and give it a big hug. If you want to pet a porcupine you have to develop trust with it. First, you hold out your hand to see if it wants to come near and sniff you. Only after it sniffs you can you pet it, but you have to do it a certain way starting at the head and petting down. To pet a porcupine any other way could potentially hurt…a lot.You can keep your pet porcupine in a fairly big cage having a solid floor, but proper ventilation is a must. You can place stalks of wood or branches of trees on the housing in order to give the feeling that they are in familiar environment.