The power pet electronic patio pet door for sliding glass doors fits sliding glass track doors ranging in height from 75 in. to 77-1/2 in. The pet door features a motor activated by an ultrasonic collar. The translucent door panel, made of a strong bulletproof resin, quickly and quietly powers upward when your pet approaches. Dual range controls let you set independent inside and outside activation distances.

Purchase accessories separately or as options when ordering your Power Pet Door.

For our customers who are energy conscious, and those living in extreme climates, we have recently unveiled our newest line of Power Pet doors, our E-Glass Series. This is a truly awesome series that we're excited to add to our strong line of pet doors.

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[HIGH TECH PET POWER ELECTRONIC PET DOOR] High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door REVIEW! We believe these are generally safe doors but, they do not have the auto safety retract feature found on Power Pet doors so, there is the possibility of an occasional pinched tail.

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the Solo electronic dog door is basically well built. Just don't expect the level of performance and security that you get from a genuine Power Pet door.

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This is not a promotional video. We paid nothing to have it made or aired. The producers of HGTV saw our PX-2 Power Pet door at the Global Pet Expo and asked if they could do a segment on it. We were more than happy to oblige by installing a pet door in the home of Sheryl Perez. Lucky for us, she just loved it, or rather her dogs, Nellie and Nelson, did. The HGTV guys shot, wrote the narration, edited and aired the video entirely as content for their popular show "I Want That". A show that features the latest, most innovative and useful home improvement products. This video has been seen now by millions of viewers and has played a major role in making the Power Pet door the largest selling pet door in the world today. The Power Pet door was first conceived by our company president, Nick Bonge way back in 1986. Since then it has gone through extensive research, development and field testing and has continuously been improved and perfected all along the way. From its inception, the early Power Pet door incorporated the essential principles that make this electronic pet door unique and superior by design - a slim, compact dc motor drive that uses a cable to lift a lightweight pet panel, then return the panel slowly and safely with a brake-assisted gravity feed.Power Pet electronic doggie and kitty doors come in medium and large sizes to accommodate all pets from very small to extra-large. They are designed for quick, easy installation in doors, walls and sliding glass patio doors. You should purchase a genuine Power Pet door if you are looking for the Best insulated and energy efficient, most Secure, reliable and dependable pet door made. Yes, these are high end pet doors but, you'll quickly see that genuine Power Pet doors are a great value for your hard earned money when you consider quality, features. and that fact thatIn 2005, we introduced the PX series of Power Pet doors, which uses an engineered ABS plastic composite that is actually stronger and more precise than its metal predecessor. Our VP of Engineering, Bob Schilken, one of the most accomplished analog electronic engineers in the world, contributed the extremely creative directional ultrasonic detection circuitry that performs rings around conventional infrared, magnetic and RFID circuits. Bob's ingenious circuitry reliably opens the door only for your pet's collar and only when your pet is on a direct approach, not when just wandering by or sleeping next to the door.