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Let others know your pets medical condition if lost with the Diabetic QR Code Pet ID Tag by BarkCode and bring your lost pup home in a hurry with this easy to update tag.Why We Love It:Diabetes in your pet can be a very serious condition if your pet is ever lost with BARKCODE Pet ID Tags now, 190-MILLION camera phones nationwide can retrieve as many as 6 telephone numbers, email addresses, vet info and more by taking a picture of the code & MMS (Text) to 43588. Or, the finder can simply scan the code with any QR Code reader. A back up URL address is also included.

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Get this for only $6 including Free Shipping during the current deal over at , the daily pet deals site. The Pet QR Tag offers an easy method for ensuring that your pet finds its way back to you quickly. Each Pet QR Tag is coded and has a unique QR code which displays the pertinent information you want to be seen by those who find your pet. They just scan it with their phone and will know how to contact you!

Pet ID: Bolo Logo QR Code Tag by PetHub - Dog is Good

Love this Red 'Hello I'm Cute' QR Code Dog Tag by PetHub on #zulily! #zulilyfinds 1st - The person scanning the QR Code Pet ID Tag will see the pet owners in case of Emergency Contact Information Only along with a profile of the pet.

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The QR (Quick Retrieval) code on your pet's Smart Tag contains the unique URL of your profile page. A smart phone can use a bar code reader to scan the code, and your profile page will appear. Many people use bar code readers to scan all sorts of things to get information about the product they are scanning. Those who don't have a bar code reader on their smart phone can easily get it from the App Store for iPhones, or from the Google Play store for android phones, by searching 'bar code reader'.

Pet ID: Flight Risk QR Code Tag by PetHub - Dog is Good

Implanting a tracking chip may be to invasive of a procedure for some people’s taste though. An easier way to tag your animal might come through QR codes! It’s true, you would not be able to track you pet through a GPS signal if they were lost, but you would be able to provide a lot more information and an easy way to contact you if someone were to scan a properly set up QR Code on their collar.Of course, if your animal is lost without their collar, this idea would not work as well as a tracking chip. But for those where the chip is not an option, for whatever reason, a QR Code on your pet’s tag might help you recover your pet quickly and safely.Imagine people able to instantly make the good Samaritan that found your lost pet aware of any health issues that you pet might have. Most tags only have enough room for the pet’s name, the owner’s name and owner’s address. With a scannable QR code you would be able to have secondary contact information made available as well as the pet’s age and regular veterinarian. Or with a scan of the tag it could instantly have the person’s phone place a call to you or send you a text or email stating that your pet has been found. QR Code Pet ID Tag with a Medical Profile design on the front. You will be notified when someone scans your pet's tag, with a Google Map showing the location where it was scanned. The QR Code displays all of your pet's vital recovery information, including how to contact you and any medical concerns.