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The by was the basis for the films (1971) and (1972), and a . Here, the protagonist befriends the rats found in his home and builds up a close relationship, only to have it end tragically. While these movies generally emphasize the popular perception of malevolence—they kill people, cats, and ransack grocery stores—other wild rats who become pets are portrayed in more neutral to positive ways; the television show, , briefly featured "", the pet rat of the titular character.

My rats have thrived off pets at home nuggets and musli (musli as a treat)

Mice are experts at finding ways into our homes. Cracks, holes and crevices in foundations provide easy access, and if you see one mouse there’s likely more lurking about in the walls, duct work, attics and basements. Some people use rodent poison to get rid of mice and rats, but it poses a grave danger to cats and dogs and shouldn’t be used in a home with pets. There are ways to rid your home of rodents that are safer for your pets and more humane for the mice.

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I was told that pets at home had been selling rats for blah blah blah years and that they knew more than me, basically. Most home-based rat breeders raise rats to be sold or "adopted out" as pets for a modest sum. Rats that are grown to be food for other animals are typically sold frozen, Swisshelm said. She said she breeds for temperament and hardiness, while others prefer to breed for color or novelty. And yes, those owners display them at rat shows in much the same way people show off their pets at dog shows.

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Thank you to everyone that said nice things about this Hub! I am very happy to hear that many of you are considering rats as pets! If this Hub saves ONE rat from being food and gives it a loving home I consider it a success! :)

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yeah, we just bought some rat nuggets from pets at home and after the first day the shine seems to have worn off them so to speak, and my naughty little shrews won't eat them now...little gits. Two of the most common brands of rat food that I see used are Reggie rat, and Pets At Home own brand nuggets. These are usually what the rescue rats I get brought to me have been fed on, which is likely due to convinience as they are both easily sourced foods.When we got to the fact that the water bottles had been empty on the last three times I'd visited, they told me that the reason was because the rats chewed them, causing them to leak. Im skeptical of this, as the empty bottles I witness were never, ever chewed up or leaking. They were simply bone dry as if they hadn't been checked that day. Also, I've had rats for 10 years, using the exact same water bottles that Pets At Home used and have never ever had one chewed on.They are small, round pellets, looking much like dog kibble. The meat source in them is poor quality, and many rat owners believe strongly that these nuggets increase the rat's chance of getting cancer due to the poor quality ingredients contained in them, the colourings and flavourings, and the artificial preservatives. Many people have reported an increase, sometimes a huge increase, in incidences of mammary tumours on their rats when they were fed Pets at Home rat nuggets, even if the nuggets were only part of a larger mix. Some rat owners avoid chicken specifically in commercial rat foods, as chicken for pet food is sometimes sourced from outside the UK from countries where chickens ingest chemicals known to cause cancer. This chicken is banned here for humans, but a lot of pet food chicken is produced elsewhere. With rats being so prone to cancer at the best of times, it makes sense not to increase that risk even more.