Red Dingo Daisy Pet ID Dog Tags in Stainless Steel ..

Red Dingo, a leader in the pet tag industry, produces the finest quality stainless steel and plastic pet tags that money can buy. Each tag is made from high strength plastic in the color of your choice. Red Dingo's solid tags are twice the thickness of most competitors’ tags on the market. The engravings on the tags are guaranteed to be readable for life.

At Red Dingo we have great looking QR tags that include a FREE online profile from PetHub with information about you and your missing pet.

Here are the dog dog tags. Red Dingo pet id tags are made of stainless steel with rounded edges. The front of the tag comes with a unique design and is enamel filled with one of 11 colors. The back of the tag is engraved with your contact information. Each tag is shipped with a stainless steel attaching ring. Pet tags are shipped directly from manufacturer.

Red Dingo Tribal Sun Pet ID Dog Tags in Stainless Steel ..

Red Dingo Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags with Free Engraving and Delivery Beautifully made from solid stainless steel, these Red Dingo pet ID tags are very cute and durable. These tags are thicker than any pet ID tags in the market which make them one of a kind. This Red Dr

Red Dingo Daisy Pet ID Dog Tags in Stainless Steel with ..

I had a red dingo tag when I lived up north. Moving to Florida I needed a new one with correct phone number but didn't remember the name of the product. Went to every pet store in all of the Tampa Bay area and surrounding areas but could not find the same tag. Contacted a friend up north but she hadn't had time yet to get me the correct tag. I found it by accidient in Orlando and of course ordered it immediately. This is the best of the best where tags are concerned. Wish the stores in Tampa area had them, but I now know how to order on line and plan to get one for my daughters dogs also. Thank you for your top quality workmanship!

Red Dingo pet tags are made of solid stainless steel

Your contact info is deeply engraved in the back of the tag so it never wears out. Pet tags are shipped directly from the manufacturer. These are dog tag tags not to be confused with the military dog tags for people we also sell. Red dingo makes awesome high end dog identification tags for your pet.
Hip Hound has a wonderful selection of I.D. Tags to ensure your dog or cat will always be identifiable. FREE shipping on all Red Dingo pet tags!Why not treat you super cool pooch to a Red Dingo Stainless Steel Enamel pet tag? Your best pal will be stylin' for sure wherever he or she goes with these colorful, super sturdy Red Dingo dog tags! Plus not only will these hip dog tags enhance your pal’s appearance it will also give you piece of mind knowing that if your best dog pal does get lost all your important information will be available for their safe, happy and Waggin' return!