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Are your carpets in need of a good shampooing? If so there’s a great available to print! Renting a Rug Doctor is a great option if you don’t have a carpet cleaner of your own or don’t want to hire a service, and it only costs $29.99 at Kroger.

That price included the Rug Doctor rental, a carpet shampoo, carpet deodorizer and a pre-treatment

Renting a carpet shampooer is a less efficient option than buying one for a few reasons. When one chooses to rent the equipment, one is restricted to the options available for rent. That means that your options are restricted to the brands, sizes, and available for rent, with the accompanying cleaning solutions.

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Carpet Steam Cleaner Rental: 5 Things You Need to Know | Angie's List Many feel comfortable with owning a carpet shampooer because it means the machine has only been used to clean their home’s carpets. Rental machines are shared with everyone. You don’t know the condition of the homes it has been used to clean. It may bring in dirty stuff that you would rather avoid.

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As an example, consider a carpet shampooer machine that costs $175. If each rental costs $25 for each day’s use, you would have paid out the same amount after 7 cleanings. Between major clean-ups and periodic cleanings for spills and splashes, users would have easily recovered the cost of the machine within 1 to 1 1/2 years. This monetary cost does not take into consideration the transportation costs, effort in loading and unloading the cleaning machine, and the hassle of going to a store, signing the paperwork to get the machine, and then having to re-load the machine onto your car to return it. Which brings us to the next point.

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With a piece of equipment as necessary as a carpet cleaner, renting is hardly an option. Most people would not consider living in a home that features carpet without owning a cleaner; owning a shampooer is the next logical step. When one owns the cleaner, he or she has options. Doing a thorough cleaning of the carpets can happen on a whim. When a spill occurs, it can be addressed immediately. If one wants to loan or rent the equipment to his or her friends or relatives, that is an option. If at some point the cleaner becomes unnecessary, the owner needs or wants a few extra dollars, or wishes to upgrade, the equipment can be sold. That is the freedom of ownership.We bought our own rug shampooer at Wal Mart a year ago for around $65. I like to shampoo my carpets once a year or more because we have cats AND we rent and I always shampoo before turning in keys.