I have 4 dogs, 1 Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix and 3 purebred Chihuahuas

I went and bought it on amazon. pet armor advanced toy breed stuff. I put it on her last night because I saw a flea walking around her body. after putting it on her, she went crazy. running and rolling on the floor and scratching. now she has a red big itchy spot on where i put it. i put some anti itch cream on her to relief the itchy. I just hope she is doing okay. after reading the reviews here i am getting little worried myself… poor judgement from me. thought i can find something cheaper and got my dog all itchy and scratchty 😦

I agree with Kerrie's review - I might as well have put water on my cat's instead of PetArmor

My poor beloved 3yr old cat Shadow is very sick. After reading these reviews it confirms that Pet Armor is the cause. My once very happy heathy active cat is sad, won’t eat or drink well. My husband and I took her to the vet. She had a fever and some dehydration. My husband and I feel so quilty. I hope she pulls through. I cried all day yesterday to the thought of losing my little furry friend. I thought this stupid product would be safe for her.

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Jun 18, 2017 - Find product information, ratings and reviews for PetArmor Plus Flea .. That being said, if your dog is on PetArmor Plus ® and doing well – especially if he has been on it for some time – then there is really no reason to make any change based on this review, or the 2012 class action lawsuit.

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I think the people who say this product does not work did not use it correctly. I have two cats and applied PetArmor to them because we had a flea infestation after all the rain that has been in New York. After reading many negative reviews I felt the need to try this product and leave a comment. After Two days of being treated my cats are flea free. I think this product works well and I will continue to buy and use this product. The negative reviews must be from people who work for or have stock in Frontline of Advantage. I am one very happy customer and so are my cats.

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