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During the breeding season these birds will branch off into pairs to raise their offspring. The female will find a hollow nest cavity, usually inside a large tree, and incubate the eggs whereas the male watches for danger and feeds the female.
Alexandrine parrots are still not that common in captivity compared to their other Asiatic cousins, the Indian Ringnecks. Bird enthusiasts can sometimes find these parrots at a bird show or through exclusive breeders. It is unfortunate because these parrots are easy to breed and make fantastic pets.

Although Indian ringnecks are one of the most aggressive parrots, they are desirable as pets due to their bright colors and fun personalities

These parrots make brilliant pets and I trust you choose to favor yourself with an Indian Ringneck. At that point you also can put to rest the numerous that encompass these parrots.

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African grey parrots and Indian ringneck parrots were commonly kept as pets in the Middle Ages in the Middle Eastern Muslim countries Like the culture, parrots spread to Rome from Greece with its Roman conquest in 146 . Along with Asian parrots, African parrots made their way into Roman trade. A variety of parrots can be found in forests throughout Africa, including ring-necked parakeets, Senegals, African greys, and lovebirds. Madagascar is also home to lovebirds, other parrot species, and countless other fascinating animals found nowhere else. Kept as fancy pets by aristocrats, in Rome parrots were admired in beautiful cages and attended to by household slaves. However, parrots were also consumed in Rome; they were considered a delicacy and occasionally fed to lions.

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As with the keeping and breeding of many animals, birds have been kept by humans since the early days of man. While chickens and waterfowl were primarily kept for food and eggs, other types of birds were kept for other purposes, from hawks for hunting to singing birds for household pets. Other birds were used for communication, such as the homing pigeon. In the Far East, especially China, many types of pigeons were kept for their beauty. African grey parrots and Indian ringneck parrots were commonly kept as pets in the Middle Ages in the Middle Eastern Muslim countries. Once the Europeans came to the New World, they took back to Europe many of the different parrot species found in Central and South America. In 1493, Columbus brought a pair of Cuban Amazons to Queen Isabella of Spain.

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When thinking about adding a bird to the home, most people immediately think of parrots, and of those they usually end up choosing the most common, mostly because they are what they are familiar with. However, along with the ever popular budgie (parakeet), big Macaws and Amazons, there are a myriad of lesser known species of parrots that make fantastic, charming and loving pets. One of these is a member of the very large parakeet family, the Indian Ringneck Parakeet.The Indian Ringneck Parrot or Parakeet (Psittacula krameri manillensis) also referred to as Rose-ringed Parakeet or, simply, Ring-necked Parakeet. Many are bred for pets.