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The Guyomarc'h group of companies was purchased by the in 1990. Royal Canin recorded a loss in 1993, then the following year the Guyomarc'h group was divided into four separate businesses, one of which remained as Royal Canin. The bank wished to sell Royal Canin but its chairman managed to persuade the bank to list it on the Paris stock exchange instead, which took place in 1997. Forty–three percent of the company was floated on the stock market and it raised the companies valuation to four and half billion . The additional revenue raised provided the funding to buy Crown Pet Foods in 1999 and the James Wellbeloved brand in 2000. The bank sold its holding in the company to in July 2001 for in excess of one and a half billion euros. The majority of this payment, almost ninety–three percent, was for "goodwill". The only agreed the takeover by Mars if Royal Canin disposed of some assets to Agrolimen, a Spanish company.

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First, my dog was pushed but her vet for Royal canin because that’s ALL they know…they are not nutritionist and get very little training on nutrition for dogs. My dog was on it for 2 years and sick, bumps on her skin, scratching, puking which I was told to ignore as a gastric reflux, then not eating it all. Dogs can sense when it’s crap food and I refuse to feed my dog remains off the streets from other dogs which is how a lot of petsmart foods are made. We switched ourselves and got a lot of education from specialist who agree dogs do not need corn and rice as the first ingredient in the diet. They are wild animals and need meat and protein. Fromm dog food no recalls, family owned and no problems at all now with my baby. Acana, Instinct also made by one manufacture. I feel bad for owners not educated and dogs dying from cancer. ITS THE FOOD!!!! I will not support vet kick backs and Lanie you are 100% educated wrongly on grain free dog foods. Just my opinion 😉

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Careers - Work for a Leader in Pet Food Nutrition | Royal Canin it was a joke, They ate living animals BECAUSE they hadn’t been domesticated, then 150 years ago purina started making people feed their pets crappy food, then royal canin came along and made them healthy again

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As at 30 April 2012, the FDA had reported no Class I, II, or III recalls by Royal Canin since the FDA's multi–brand–affecting "Melamine in Pet Food Recall" of March/April 2007.

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I have heard other related stories all caused by ROYAL CANIN. PLEASE DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG THIS FOOD. Read the ingredients, all chemicals. My eyes are now opened! If you wouldn't eat it, don't let your pooch eat it. There are other dog food brands that provide healthier options. This food killed my dog, I now warn everyone about this brand. I am not the first pet owner whose dog went through bladder stones caused by Royal Canin, this brand should be recalled and taken off store shelves! I do not recommend this food to any animal, not even rats.After a few years, I started to notice the commercials about the pet food ingredients, so I was horrified by the Royal Canin ingredients when I realized it. I wanted to get him off the food, but I was terrified and paralyzed by fear that my decision to switch foods could kill my cat. But then I thought, these crap ingredients are going to eventually kill him anyway. Then I found out there is no actual "prescription" in the food! And they charged like $2.25 or so a can, for grain, corn, and barely any protein.