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he is a very nice scorpion he has not stung me yet and he rarely pinches anybody so a will post a video soon about how to take care of the cool pets and what u need to keep them alive

That’s right. Scorpions, at least some species, tame easily and can actually make true pets.

I remember a cat that took two weeks to fully recover after I treated it for a scorpion sting. So needless to say, your pet would probably not consider scorpions a friend. But in fact, the most venomous scorpion known to man may be the best friend to pets with certain types of cancer.

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Unusual Pets,Millipedes,Lizards,Reptiles,Snakes,Praying Mantis,Scorpion,Dragonflies,Insects Crawford and Fournier said they wanted to create a place that would wow people when they walked in the door. Parts of the inside resemble an ancient city complete with concrete made to look like mossy, stone-covered walls. The store has about 200 pets, including geckos, monitors, skinks, turtles, chameleons and tree frogs. There are even tarantulas, scorpions – yes, there are pet scorpions – and lots of lizard food, otherwise known as crickets.

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We’d also like to mention that scorpions are not meant to be interactive, social pets. They thrive when left alone to their own devices, so please don’t purchase a pet scorpion with the intent of handling it all the time. Scorpions are relatively secretive and will get stressed with too much human interaction.

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Keeping scorpions as pets is becoming increasingly more popular. They are relatively inexpensive to buy and require very little maintenance, much in the way of set up, or care. I have several scorpions as pets (or better "pets"). They are kept separate since they can be cannibalistic at times. I have seen one scorpion attacking another and eating it some time ago because I put the two together without being aware of this behavior. Some species can live together, but the saying among hobbyist is: scorpions are communal to some degree until they start to eat each other. The degree depends on the species, but also on the individuals.Now that you have decided to get a pet scorpion it’s time to acquire all the supplies you will need to house him and create a proper habitat. You should have your pet’s new cage ready before you bring him home. History:
The Desert hairy scorpion is native to the desert areas of the southern United States and northern Mexico, and is commonly seen in places such as the Sonora and Mojave deserts. The Desert hairy scorpion is one of the largest scorpion species in North America and is called the Giant desert scorpion, the Arizona desert scorpion, and the Giant hairy desert scorpion. Due to the Desert hairy scorpion’s mild venom and moderately docile temperament they are popular pets with novice scorpion owners.