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"I say it is unfair ..." - I've never claimed that scorpions are bad creatures. My point is that they're not a good choice of pet. So, a better metaphor would be me saying that it would have been better if someone with wings had fallen instead. When I say scorpions are bad pets, I mean no offense against them. I simply don't think being a pet is very good for them.

We certainly think that scorpions make great pets! However, they are certainly not for everyone.

Like other baby mobs, baby scorpions take a while to grow to full size. Fully-grown tamed scorpions may attack other mobs, including your pet(s), so they should be kept separately in an enclosure. Once the baby has grown to full size, the scorpion can then be ridden by placing a or vanilla on it. Like other tamed mobs, scorpions will sit when a is used near them, and will continue to remain stationary until ridden, or if the whip is used again. Scorpions also don't take fall damage. Tamed scorpions may attack other mobs, but they do not attack mobs for you.

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I have proved using sources and factual information that scorpions are good pets in general. The resolution is upheld. For folks of a certain disposition, pets that are creepy, crawly and intimidating-looking are attractive options as pets. Emperor scorpions make an excellent pet choice for a person of this sort. These natives of African rainforests are large for scorpions, one of the largest species of scorpion in the world, growing to approximately 8 inches. They're also shiny and black and have big, scary-looking pedipalps (front claws). Yet, despite their fearsome looks, emperor scorpions are quite docile, and while they do carry venom (as all scorpions do), theirs is quite mild.

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I must admit: there are few things in the world that give me knee-jerk fear—one of which is something I sell. That would be the centipede. The scorpion, on the other hand, which strikes fear in the hearts many, has never scared me.
I never worked with scorpions before entering the pet profession, but when I encountered them in the wild, I admired their wonderful design and found them fascinating and deserving of great respect. When introduced to them as pets, my admiration for their physical beauty and interest in their lives only increased. And when I found out that some of them were capable of being tamed, well, then I was sold.

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In general scorpions can tolerate the temperature and humidity ranges we find comfortable but forest species benefit from a little higher humidity levels as most are found in the moist leaf litter and decomposing vegetation that carpets the forest floor. Temperature preferences vary depending on whether the particular species comes from a temperate or tropical environment with tropical and desert species generally benefiting from some supplemental heat. If an enclosure is heated the heat source should be placed at the side or above the enclosure rather than underneath as scorpions instinctually burrow to escape the heat.Well Good Luck in your quest for the perfect pet! Realize that the information and opinions on this page are general in nature and are only intended to familiarize you with some of the aspects of keeping scorpions as pets. Before you do you need to do some more research particularly on the species you choose to make your own.