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While this law won’t make a practical impact on the state of puppy mills in the Beverly Hills area, as there are currently no pet stores that sell dogs or cats in the city, the ordinance is a way for lawmakers to take a public stance against puppy mills and animal trafficking. Hopefully, the move will inspire other cities, where pets are regularly sold in stores, to pass similar laws.

Before selling your pet to a potential buyer, be sure to consider the following:

First, you need to see if it’s even viable. Here is a list of criteria that would offer you a better chance of being able to sell your business — especially in today’s market that is saturated with online pet care listing services and franchises that people can buy into without doing all that hard branding work you did.

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If you are interested in selling PetSafe products, visit our page and . The Humane Society of the United States, a nonprofit separate from the Hawaiian Humane Society, developed a national Puppy Friendly Pet Stores Pledge. A pet store that takes the pledge agrees not to sell puppies and many of the stores work with animal shelters to promote adoptions. In exchange for the pledge, HSUS recognizes the store as a “puppy friendly” business and encourages pet owners to patronize the stores.

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In March, Honolulu police and Hawaiian Humane Society officials rescued 153 dogs and puppies from a breeding facility in Waimanalo. The city prosecutor’s office has charged Bradley International LLC with 153 counts of animal cruelty. The facility’s owners operate out of Pearl City Pet Spot, a pet store that continues to sell other puppies.

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Every so often — one of Time To Pet’s extremely talented clients likes to share some helpful hints, tips and pointers with other pet sitters. Today’s post is all about selling your pet sitting or dog walking business. Cara Armour is our guest author and is the Owner & Alpha Female of and product manager at . Cara co-founder Active Paws in 2003 and is a Pet Sitter of the Year award winner. Enjoy!If you're a ClubFoo member, you can sell a FooPet back to the Adoption Center at any time. Go to your profile tab, and click on the pet you want to sell. Then click "Sell Pet". The price of the pet is autogenerated based on your pet's stats.It’s crossed your mind but how in the world do you make it a reality? Before even beginning to go down the path of selling your pet care business, make certain you really ask yourself WHY you want to sell.Two years ago I went through this process and made it a partial reality. I say partial because I sold my cat sitting client list to an employee. I have also come close to selling my entire business but honestly couldn’t get a buyer to pay what it was truly valued at — not even close. Often times it’s easier for a new business owner, competitor or entrepreneur to look at businesses for sale and just wait — wait until a sale doesn’t happen and they just close up shop leaving clients scrambling.