Here are some tips for handling pets during the selling process.

According to the Humane Society, four million dogs are born in North American puppy mills every year, and many of them end up in pet stores or are sold over the Internet, through classified ads, or on street corners. Many animals are sick, and don’t live more than a few days after you get them home. In fact, every time the Humane Society investigates a pet store after a complaint, the animals in question came from a puppy mill or kitten factory. However, retailers point out that most customers are very satisfied with their pet-store purchases. They complain that the government should be cracking down on breeders who are breaking the law, n law-abiding sellers. Pet stores also say, with less competition, puppy and kitten prices will go up.

The question of how does one go about selling a home with pets is one that pops up often.

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(I’ve had a few of those – hilarious – experiences as well when trying to sell a home with pets!) Another problem with some pet shops is that they often cater to impulsive buyers and consumers seeking convenient transactions. These stores ask no questions of prospective buyers to ensure responsible, lifelong homes for the pets they sell. Laws requiring stores to provide detailed information on the care of the animal being purchased can help educate the purchaser on the realities of being a pet owner and lower the amount of animals returned or worse, neglected. This is especially urgent where exotic species are concerned as many purchasers have limited or no knowledge of the special care needed for the care of exotics, and may not have fully considered the long-term care and dangers of housing non-native species.

California bill would ban selling pets bought from breeders

ATTENTION: to have your voice heard you can do the following things:
1. complete the pet survey located at the top of the screen when u open app, vote no on selling pets and add a comment
2. threaten to take your business elsewhere if they continue allowing this

At PetSmart, we never sell dogs or cats

About 60 cities across the U.S. have all decided that it is wrong to sell pets from puppy mills in pet stores. They have all passed laws making it illegal for pet stores to sell any cats or dogs that don't come from a shelter or rescue. This is not good news for those in the puppy mill business. These laws give stray dogs and cats a chance to get adopted and find new homes, without breeding and creating new pets for profit.

The State Senate in New Jersey passed a bill last July that requires pet stores to only sell cats and dogs from shelters or rescues. If the bill is also passed by the State Assembly, New Jersey could become the first state to adopt this important measure.

Please sign this petition to urge Governor Deal and Commissioner Black of the Georgia Department of Agriculture, to follow the lead of New Jersey and these animal-loving cities. Please ask them to institute a statewide law requiring that any cat or dog sold in a pet shop come from a shelter or rescue.

By getting more states involved in this type of thinking it could possibly pave the way for a federal law. Imagine how many animals lives we could save by making this important change. Almost everybody loves pets except the home buyer who is buying your house. Don’t ask me why, but that’s often how it works out. Home sellers who adore their pets have a hard time imagining the negative attitudes others harbor against pets. So, while this might be a bitter pill to swallow, if you want to get top dollar for your house, pay attention to how much you might lose with a dog or cat in residence.