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In February 2014, NRDC filed a lawsuit in federal court against the EPA seeking the agency to respond to NRDC’s petitions to cancel all manufacturer registrations and uses of neurotoxic pesticides propoxur and tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP), frequently found in popular pet flea treatment products. Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc. Wellmark International and Hartz were among flea collars brands that NRDC called out for use of these hazardous chemicals.

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In 2012, Sergeant’s Pet Care Products became part of the Perrigo family. Learn more about our Omaha, NE location and our available opportunities here.

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Sergeant S Pet Products P-Zoink Fetch N Flash Ball Dog Toy- Assorted 2.5 Inch Now owned by Perrigo Co., a global manufacturer of over-the-counter health care products, Sergeant’s brings pet products such as flea remedies and grooming supplies to retailers. The pet company’s roots go back to Polk Miller, a pharmacist who formulated health care products for his own dogs starting in 1868. When Miller began to sell the products from his drugstore, he named them after one of his dogs, “Sergeant.”

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Sergeant's Pet Care Products is a sponsor of the latest the story of an orphaned girl searching for her parents in New York City with her scruffy dog Sandy by her side.

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The BBB has received 20 complaints since June 2008 alleging that pets experience serious health complications when Sergeant's Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze are applied. Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc. has responded to each complaint presented by the BBB by stating that the manufacturing and use of their products are approved and closely regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As warned on all Sergeants' Flea and Tick product labels, sensitivities may occur after using any pesticide product for pets. However, the number of animals that may experience sensitivity to these products is statistically very low. Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc. states that they stand behind their products and offer to compensate customer for charges incurred on a case by case basis if the company determines that a pet has exhibited sensitivity to their product. Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc. also encourages consumers to read the entire label and label instructions prior to the application of all flea and tick products. Newkirk added: “We are very pleased with the acquisition of the Kansas City facility by Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, an innovator in the pet industry. We look forward to maintaining our relationship through their involvement in the production of our unique line of Wheatex® ingredients.”ATCHISON, Kan., August 24, 2009—MGP Ingredients, Inc. (Nasdaq/MGPI) has announced the sale of its Kansas City, Kan., facility to Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc. The sale was completed this past Friday, Aug. 21, for an initial payment of $3.6 million, with provision for additional earn out payments to be paid over time. The sale includes all equipment used for the production and packaging of pet-related products, which principally include extruded plant-based resins and finished pet treats. MGPI will retain ownership of equipment that is used for the production of the company’s Wheatex® textured wheat proteins, which are sold for use in meat extension and vegetarian product applications. This equipment is located in a separate section of the facility and will be operated under a toll manufacturing arrangement between Sergeant’s and MGPI.ALLEGAN, Mich., Oct. 1, 2012 // -- Perrigo Company (Nasdaq: PRGO; TASE) today announced that it has closed the acquisition of Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc. (Sergeant's), a privately-held, Omaha, Nebraska-based manufacturer of over-the-counter companion animal healthcare products, for approximately $285 million in cash. As previously highlighted, Perrigo expects to receive a significant tax benefit generated from the amortization of the step-up in tax basis resulting from the acquisition of Sergeant's assets. This increase in basis is expected to result in cash tax savings to Perrigo over the next 15 years. The estimated net present value of these savings is approximately $50 million.