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The Arizona Humane Society is partnering with PetSmart Charities to care for and protect the animals of those who are protecting us around the world through our Project Active Duty Program. Launched as a response to the September 11th attacks, AHS started Project Active Duty as a way to give back to the brave men and women serving our country. This program allows loving pet owners leaving for a tour of duty to entrust their pets with AHS, providing not only a peace of mind during their deployment, but comfort knowing that when they return, their pet will be waiting for them.

Pets for Vets is a concrete way to thank U.S. Military Veterans for their service.

Our team is excited to learn more about you and your pets so that we can provide outstanding service. Please take the next 10 minutes to provide us with additional information by completing our new client form so we can match you with the most qualified pet sitter on our staff.

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But whether a limousine service for pets will work – even in places such as – isn’t clear. Because we know how difficult it can be to care give to an ill pet or say goodbye to one, PETS is pleased to have partnered with Day By Day Pet Caregiver Support (DBD) to offer compassionate support to caregivers during the grief that comes before, during and after the loss of a beloved pet. All services are at NO COST.

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Private cremation is just that — one pet in the cremation unit at a time. The authorization form and cremation certificate should state that the cremation was private, alone, and/or one-in-one-out and not just the date that it was done. This is the only way people are cremated, and it is the only type service Pets Remembered offers.

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98% of Infinity’s business is generated from our weekly pick-up schedule at participating veterinarians. We wholesale our services to the vet, in order to provide an inexpensive way for you to access Infinity’s services. Most pet owners have no desire to visit a pet crematory and are just as happy to let their veterinarian handle all arrangements.

There are those who desire to have their pet’s remains back sooner than Infinity’s schedule can provide through our regular pick-up service. For example, if Infinity visits your veterinary clinic on Tuesdays and your pet passes away on a Wednesday, the ashes would not be returned for 13 days (6 days to next pick-up on a Tuesday, and another 7 days for the return).While you do not have access to our full suite of proactive services, we will notify you and arrange for your pet's return as soon as he is found.
This service is the most comprehensive and involved as well as being the most expensive. By appointment only and all fees paid directly to Infinity, pet owners can witness and be involved with most aspects of their pet’s cremation process. Infinity views this service as a wake or memorial service for your pet and gives you the time to say good-bye on your own terms. A significant advantage is you can go home the same day with your pet’s cremains. Plan on spending 2 – 4 hours at Infinity in our comfortable waiting room overlooking the Owlkill Creek. Call Stacy or Chris for more details and pricing.At family-owned, local Pet Cremation Services of Tidewater, our professional staff for 30 years has provided sensitive, honest, caring and ethical pet cremation to adoring pet owners throughout the Hampton Roads and northern North Carolina areas. We offer A Sensitive Alternative® to pet owners who wish to be involved in their beloved pets’ final arrangements. Your pet stays in our care the entire time until your pet is ready to go home.