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Processing method also influences nutritional value by affecting the moisture content of the final product. From a nutritional perspective, foods with moisture content similar to animal prey would better align with a natural pet nutrition philosophy compared to dry foods. While there is limited evidence to demonstrate a health benefit of high dietary moisture intake in dogs, there have been demonstrated effects in cats on urinary tract health and weight management. Feeding diets containing 73% moisture reduced (P P P ). Another study found that ad libitum ingestion of a 40% hydrated diet compared to a dry diet with 12% moisture following weight loss caused cats to eat less (77 ± 10.8 vs. 86 ± 18.4 g/d; P P = 0.28), and increased their activity level (P ). Although these findings may be specific to the diets evaluated, given the ubiquitous nature of urinary related syndromes in cats, the potential health benefits of feeding pet food with higher moisture content (e.g., pasteurized/refrigerated, raw, frozen, or canned) that typically contain 70 to 85% moisture should be noted.

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Hi Aimee,
regarding Marks qualifications he is a Bsc with Honors, so more than quailified however once again your are baseing your knowledge on assumptions and science. Both of which have led us into the situation we as humans and now our pets face daily. Namely ill health. Science has been around how long? and Nature has been around how long? Science is only proving what nature already understands. The unfortunate part is Science can be manipulated to an outcome that those doing the experiment want to find. As an example you mention calories, the fact that food contains a scientific amount of calories means nothing. Calories are not equal, food is not equal, your body will have to work much harder to digest different types of food so burning more calories/using more energy. For example raw egg is easily digested compared to cooked grain. So to say because of a difference in calories our food causes starvation is somewhat flawed, dare is say scientifically? We have amended our new feeding guides for our new packaing to help those people understand that it is ok to trust your eyes and not science. So we revert back to a simple logical feeding guide. and show picture of dogs under weight and overweight. next to each picture we explain if your dog looks like this feed it more, if it looks like this feed it less. Wow a stunning revealtion, letting people decide how much their own dog needs. why do i do this? well i have no idea if your dog works 8 hours a day, or if it sits in front of a fire. So I dont second guess, or try to prove scientifically what your dog needs. I let you the owner decide. if you need instructions on how much to feed your dog we have succeeded in removing humans brains. Which in our society we have seemingly managed to do? How else did we convince a whole generation they were uncapable of looking after their pets without specialist/scientific knowledge or food. The multiple generations before us seemingly stumbled through life. Where as our generation is now scientifically dying of obeseity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer to name a few because science is creating food not nature, go figure?

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Simply combine with water to create your own fresh, homemade pet food. Made with USDA FREEZE-DRIED raw meat and all-natural ingredients. Consumers must beware. Anyone can say anything. Walking the walk and building manufacturing facilities that actually produce a pet product that emulates the health-giving natural diet is quite another matter. That is why practically no one is doing it. Pet food producers who are promoting "no grains" as the solution to providing raw diets are merely substituting starches. Raw meats do not equal cooked potato, cooked tapioca, yams, plantains or any other cooked starch. (Neither do such diets qualify as low carb as is also promoted by companies. Starch is carbohydrate whether it is from corn, wheat, rice, potatoes or tapioca.) One must also wonder how producers who make claims about science, nutritionists, veterinary designed, and the like (as nearly all of them do), do not understand the most simple of nutritional and food concepts: cooked is not raw and starch is not no- or low-carbohydrate. They either do understand and are purposely misleading trusting consumers, or, even more unthinkable, they don't understand.

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The truth is simple. Humans are the only creatures on the planet that cook food. Does nature really have it all wrong? Not likely. Pets need their raw archetypal diet and a variety of honest foods. Some grains and starch in the diet here and there is perfectly fine, but just not meal after meal. Cooked pet foods are fine here and there too, but not day after day, or exclusively. The poorest quality starches are refined dehydrated starches used in pet foods such as from potato and tapioca since they can have almost no nutritional value. They can be fine as well, but not at every meal and certainly not as a substitute for raw.

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