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Two (or more) skunks are likely to pal around (once they know YOU are the boss and they don't need to argue about it), so you won't be required to be as involved with play and quality time. Training is easier with multiple skunks, they learn from each other, and they compete for those rewards. Two skunks can also work together to cause trouble, much more trouble than the two skunks can get into individually.

Here is a photo of me with my pet skunk Rocky when I was a little guy.

It appears that the state of Tennessee has changed it’s mind about pet skunk ownership. Initial approval of the change has been approved. This is seems like a…

As exotic pets, however, pet skunks are not allowed everywhere

State lawmakers have turned back a bill that would've let Tennesseans own skunks as pets. Pet skunks are what an owner makes of them. Usually a skunk is settled into habits and has developed its own specific personality by the time it is 9 to 10 months old. Very well cared for skunks will be much more tolerant of owners, other pets, and strangers as well.

Skunk? as a pet? Domestic pet skunk information from Just Skunks.

Skunks that are bred in captivity can make good pets for the right person. They are roughly the size of a house cat, and they are usually friendly. Nonetheless they are still illegal to keep as pets in many states. Thus, check the laws in your state and town before acquiring a pet skunk.

Family keeps housebroken skunk as pet: 'He's like a little baby'