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This is just what its name sounds like, a feature that ensures any significantly large sized meal is dispensed over a longer period of time than smaller meals, which ultimately results in your dog eating their meal over a longer period of time and slower than they could have eaten it had the automatic pet feeder dispensed their entire meal all at once.

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Petsafe allows pet owners the ability to program and schedule the cat’s feeding requirements. This will allow you to change the food portions, say a large portion for breakfast and a small amount of cat food for dinner. The smallest portion that can be prepared is 1/8 cup, and the largest is 4 cups of cat food. Meals can be programmed up to 12 times a day, and intervals between eating time. This automatic food dispenser is great for:

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Auto Pet Feeder Small. The Automatic Pet Feeder works for all types and sizes of pets such as dogs, ferrets, pigs, deer etc. With Anmer A25 automatic feeder you can feed your cat up to 6 times per day, you can choose the portion for each meal, for example, big breakfast and small dinner. Also, you can choose the time for your pet to eat without intervals or default times like other feeders. Once you program a feeding schedule for your cat, it’ll repeat every day.
Anmer A25 feeder has a capacity of 2.87 lbs dry food.

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This automatic pet feeder comes in small, medium and large size for different sized pets and pellets. The Ergo Auto Pet feeder allows you to feed your cat up to 8 times by day, each meal can be set with its own measurement (e.g. big breakfast and small dinner). With its digital timer, you can program each meal to go from a few kibbles (5 or 6 kibbles) up to cups of dry food at a time. This automatic feeder is recommendable if you want to:

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• TD Design Automatic Food Dispenser makes feeding hassle free for pets' dietary health & wellbeing. Customizable feeder great for cats and small & …Using a small capacity automatic pet feeder, you no longer need to worry about missing of the pet’s feeding. I hope that the listed products below helps you in such a way to find out the best small capacity automated pet feeder unit for feeding the pets on the correct timing.The small automatic pet feeder is well known and best suited for the small pets and single large pet for providing the feed. It is easy to take care of the small pets between the busy schedule avoiding the worries in feeding the pets left alone in the home.Automatic pet feeders have become increasingly popular over the last few months for very good reasons. Most pet owners have to worry about leaving them home alone for long periods throughout the day, or even getting anxiety when running late at work. Similar to , the advancement in technology now provides pet parents with ease of mind by being able to feed your pets automatically, either by timer or from your smartphone. But it isn’t just for convenience; automatic pet feeders can help prevent bloat (Gastric dilatation volvulus) in dogs by enabling pet parents to schedule multiple feedings of smaller food quantities. The combination of convenience and dietary management makes automatic dog feeders incredible additions to your household. Take a look at our recommendations for the best automatic cat feeder and automatic dog feeder: