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A Sam's Club Exclusive - The Large Automatic Pet Door Value Kit includes the Smarty Pets automatic door complete with U4 Collar, rechargeable back-up battery and wall adapter tunnel. Installation in walls is quick and easy resulting in a professional-looking wall installation.

The Cardinal Gates Step Over Pet Gate is perfect for households with small breed and non-jumper pets. Made with solid wood constru

Progressive Stimulus: Corrective stimulus is delivered in progressive increments that increase in intensity as you dog approaches the boundary wire. Boundary training is enhanced by a progressive audible stimulus that increases along with the shock stimulus. The accompanying audio stimulus reinforces the shock stimulus resulting in even quicker, easier training, another exclusive feature of our Smarty Pets Deluxe Containment System.

Smarty Pets 2 Dog Electronic Ultra Dog Fence System - Sam's Club

Vtech Smarty Pets VTech Preschool Learning Smarty Pets by V Tech. $35.00. From the Manufacturer This smart little pup obeys your every command! Featuring voice recognition technology, spoken commands animate and direct the puppy’s movement of his ears, head, arms and body. Learning or just playing for fun, this is one pet your child will adore. This smart little pup obeys your every command! Five amusing activities prepared with a variety of words, phrases, and funny facial ex...

Smarty Pets Electronic Dog Fence Ultra Collar - Sam's Club

With Pulsed Proportional Stimulus there is no need to purchase a special extra strong stimulus collar like the Petsafe Deluxe Stubborn Dog collar or a special collar for small dogs. All of our electronic fence collars are small enough for very small dogs and come with straps that can be adjusted for very large dogs. Stimulus is self-adjusting and works for ALL dogs. There are no level settings or yard zones. Using a High Tech Pet collar couldn't be simpler. Just put in on your dog and it will emit exactly the right amount of stimulus based upon your dog's individual behavior - never too much, never too little. You will have peace of mind knowing that your dog's High Tech Pet collar is keeping him safely and reliability contained in your yard.

Smarty Pets Pro Series 2-Dog Electronic Fence - Sam's Club