Snakes as Pets: What to Know Before You Bring One Home

Hi! I am turning 12 in a couple months, I am an animal lover and lately i have been interested in snakes. I have been looking at your blog a lot. I just don’t know what kind of snake is right for me. I have been looking but i don’t know how to decide which is best for me. ( I have never had a snake as a pet before) I am interested in having a snake because they are very pretty and amazing creatures that I want to learn more about. I have been doing a lot of research lately.

Corn snakes are some of the most popular small pet snakes, and for good reason.

Mexican Kingsnake is a pretty broad category from the perspective of common names. Which one specifically, were you looking at? That will help a lot, in understanding what other snakes look like it. The most common in the pet trade, is the Mexican Black, which is a close relative the the California Kingsnake. I love most all Kings, but really do enjoy the Mexican Blacks. One could argue that any black snake would look like it. i.e. Black Rat Snake, Black Milksnake, Black Racer etc., but out of all of those options, I would still pick the Mexican Black Kingsnake.

Keeping a Corn Snake as a Pet - Is it the Best Choice for You?

Instead, feed your snake frozen rats or mice, which are available for purchase at most pet stores. Please refer to another article I wrote, “The Best Pet Snake for a Beginner”.
Your size limitation of 12 inches, will definitely prove difficult in finding an adequate pet. There simply are not many snakes in that size range that make good pets. If you really want a snake as a pet, and want to have a positive experience with it, I would recommend getting one that will grow to 2 1/2 to 3 feet. That will put a couple of the snakes on my list, in range for you.

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I can give you some handling tips when you are ready; also there are snake hooks and other handling tools that are useful. Several species rarely bite and make great pets…DeKay or Brown Snakes, for example.

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my son is jonesing for a snake. Massively. Hugely. My wife is a bit creeped out by the notion. I can't say I'm any too thrilled at the idea, either. However, in the interests of maintaining an open mind on these things, I ask you, fellow Dopers - what's it like to look after a pet snake? At least with a dog or a cat, I know what the responsibilities are, and I can assume those responsibilities while teaching them to my son (Yes, I was a kid, once - I know better than to swallow this "I'll look after it, I'll feed it, I'll clean the litter box, please, please, please, Daddy" line.) - what do you do with a snake? What kind of snake is better to look after than another? Where do you get a snake? Help me make this decision, please.Food. Our snakes get fed once or twice a month. The grown snakes eat adult mice (ask for 'feeder mice' at the pet store) and the young corn snake eats 'pinkies' (baby mice who are not old enough to have fur yet); the mice can be live (preferred by some snakes; specifically, Spot the python and Steve the albino corn prefer live prey) or can be frozen. If frozen, you need to thaw them to at least room temp before feeding. Snakes have no interest in "cold" food.