Sofa-Style Pet Bed Furniture Protector for Dogs and Cats

In fact, this protective playgym turns OUR favorite place into our pet's favorite play area while protecting chairs or sofas from destructive beaks and unsanitary droppings and unsightly stains. So pet owners can now spend time with their pets without worrying much about their furniture.

We have animals and grandchildren. Would like to protect my new sofa from accidents and pet hair.

Beyond choosing a pet-friendly couch fabric, homeowners can protect their furniture in other ways. Two of the more popular means are safeguarding the fabric with Scotchgard or shielding the entire piece of furniture with a .. Scotchgarding is a simple and popular solution that, with proper application, enables the fabric to be easily wiped clean. Slipcovers have the added bonus of providing a choice of colors, patterns, and fabrics, thereby enabling an old sofa to look fresh and new. As slipcovers will shrink the more they are washed, however, a looser fit is advised for homes with pets, where the covers will receive more launderings. Finally, a fleece throw or other temporary covering may provide some relief. These solutions may be especially welcome if a couch is already in the home when a pet joins the family.

The Cozy Pet Sofa Cover protects your furniture from ..

ALEKO PSC02G 88 x 70 Inches Pet Sofa Slipcover Spill Scratch Pet Fur Protection Cover for Furniture, Gray good Therefore, a discussion of those fabrics preferred for pets is in order, including distressed leather, microfibers, Ultrasuede, and Crypton. External options, such as Scotchgarding the fabric or outfitting the couch with a slipcover or may also be considered. Although not as effective as choosing the right fabric at the outset, such layers of protection can undoubtedly add life to or prevent the occurrence of a pet-worn sofa.

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One such area of contention revolves around the furniture. A may be the perfect stopgap when a few cat hairs dot a ,, but against the sofa on which the pet sleeps, it is nearly useless. Other considerations include the cat or dog's fur, dander, and dirt. There is a reason many families with pets shy away from cream or light-colored carpeting, as it readily displays every speck and stain. As they do in evaluating carpet colors and surfaces, pet owners are similarly taking a second look at their couch coverings, as different materials provide varying degrees of protection against claws, fur, and dirt. A lesser factor, but one still worth a thought, is the composition of the material, as cats can sometimes become trapped if their claws get stuck in too wide a weave.

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