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I have to say that this is the worst airline experience I have ever had in my entire life. And the staff of Spirit Airlines at NY LaGuardia airport are the absolute worst and incompetent. The two lady supervisors that this airline staff has at LGA are beyond worse and should have been fired long time ago. So, I checked in to my flight 24 hours prior and I was at the airport exactly 50 mins before departure. I forgot to print my boarding pass and so went to the counter to get a boarding pass but the staff refused to issue me one because it is the airline policy to have one 45 mins before the departure of the flight otherwise they will not be able to get on the flight. I am a frequent flyer and travel for work every week and I have been doing this for the past 6 years. I have had days where I got on a flight 5 mins before. SO, I was not allowed to board the flight and now have to wait for 2 days to go see my 3-week old son.

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Carolina - international travel with a pet increases the liability for the airline. If requirements are not met, the pet will be returned to the country of origin. This causes the airlines to be up to date on all country requirements. It was a policy call on Spirit's part.

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Airline Pet Policy Spirit Airlines - Fly Your Dog or Cat Safely - Pet Travel An airline will often back down in the face of unanimous opposition to one of its policies. But the reaction to Spirit's announcement about higher carry-on fees wasn't unanimous. Beginning Nov. 6, the airline will raise most of its nine carry-on bag fees by either $5 or $10, and one -- for carry-ons that are declared at the gate -- will leap from $45 to $100. Many passengers and TV talking heads were angry, but some air travelers supported the idea. "I think Spirit is on the right track with its carry-on fee," says Joan Mohan, an instructor at Grinnell College in Iowa. "Watching people competing for overhead space is annoying and time-consuming."

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Like their name implies, Spirit Airlines has a welcoming “spirit” when it comes to you and your emotional support animal. But before you book your flight, there are some guidelines and protocols you will have to follow before you “take off.” Check out the ESA pet policies for Spirit Airlines.

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