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A pet door can be installed in the wall, storm or screen door, garage door or sliding glass door. Cost of installation and complexity of the project varies with each option, storm door installation being the most cost-effective.

Storm Doors with pet doors. Storm Door Pet Door The Storm Door Pet Door is specially made to install into nearly all insulated storm door models on the market.

Having a storm door dog door installation is a bit of a misnomer, since the dog door is actually installed on the screen door. A storm door controls the access. With this kind of installation, you can open or close the storm door and control the access that your pet has.

No cutting into your house for the doggie door

Storm Screen Door With Pet Door Installed - Vent Glass No need to cut a hole in your door or wall. This storm door comes with a dog door already installed. One of the best things about in glass dog doors is that they are completely reversible. You keep your existing glass, and if the time comes when you would like to ‘undo’ your pet door, you simply have the original glass re-installed! A screen pet door lets you feel the breeze, but allows your cat or dog to come and go as they please. Hale Pet Door has the only screen pet door that works for large dogs with its innovative stabilizer bar. The pet door panel is a quick solution to adding a dog door to your sliding glass patio door. If the best place for your small dog or cat to access the outdoors or porch is through a window, you can get a window pet door for horizontal or vertical sliding windows, casement, double hung, bay, hopper or awning windows, or storm window and door replacements. Sometimes the most convenient place for your dog door can present a problem for your dog accessing the dog door. A Hale Pet Door ramp makes the solution an easy one for both you and your pet. All ramps are custom made especially for your situation. A Hale Pet Door Security Barrier is an attractive addition to your home. With its ‘dog house’ look, it conceals your dog door while adding a layer of protection that your dog can easily maneuver while keeping out human intruders. The barrier can be fitted with an alarm system that will sound if it’s tampered with for another layer of security.

Fits Doors 3/4" to 1 1/8" thick Storm Doors with pet doors

SPD-400 - Full size Storm Door with pet door already installed - The middle section slides up behind the top section to reveal a half screen to allow ventilation without letting in bugs.

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A New Generation of Screen & Storm Doors: PET STORM DOORS. These top quality pet storm doors add lasting beauty and functionality to your home in winter or summer. The pet door is already installed into the storm door. Choose from either a vent storm door or a full glass storm door. Storm door with dog door already installed shipped right to your door. It is possible to purchase screen doors with pet portals already built into them. This option may prove easier than going to the trouble of cutting a hole in your current screen door, even though you will still have to install the door itself. If your current storm door is in need of replacement, it's further reason to choose this ready-made option. offers several models of screen doors with a dog door already installed, and although you should spend time investigating more than one brand in order to be sure of the quality and pricing you're looking for, these doors will give you a very good idea of what's available, as well as what it takes to properly fit and install them.