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If you’re concerned about keeping small children and pets safely inside, select one of our DuraGuard Series storm doors with heavy-duty stainless steel screening. DuraGuard Storm Doors are available in 13 colors.

K900 Series storm doors offer Pet Entry System with two opening sizes to choose from.

There are several advantages to purchasing an exterior door or a storm door with a pet door already installed. For starters, they eliminate the need to cut a hole in one of your existing doors.

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Storm doors built with pets in mind. Find Your Pet Friendly Door. Welcome In The Breeze. Let in the breeze instantly with retractable Screen Away® doors. DuraGuard series storm doors include a double seal bottom sweep and a wide sculptured frame. Each door comes equipped with a fixed .023 non-removable stainless steel screen which will be sure to ensure that children and pets are kept safely inside your home while you enjoy a nice breeze. DuraGuard series doors are available with heavy duty black or white screens. All DuraGuard doors are available with a removable glass insert. Contact us at Lueck's to see hardware and accessory options available from ProVia.

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Full View Glass Inserts with pre-installed pet doors are not only easier to install than full-size exterior or storm doors - they cost a lot less, too!

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A New Generation of Screen & Storm Doors: PET STORM DOORS. These top quality pet storm doors add lasting beauty and functionality to your home in winter or summer. The pet door is already installed into the storm door. Choose from either a vent storm door or a full glass storm door. Storm door with dog door already installed shipped right to your door.Choose the Right Door
Now that we know your pet will be safe once he gets outside, let’s discuss what kind of pet door is right for you. Just as there are many things to consider when , there are plenty of elements to consider when selecting a pet door. A pet door can be installed in the wall, storm/screen door, garage door or sliding glass door. varies with each, with storm door installation being the most cost-effective.Installing a pet door in a storm door is a great idea. You can give your pet access to the pet door without cutting a hole in your main door. Then you can close the main door to prevent access to the pet door in the storm door. We have a small selection of entire storm doors with built-in pet doors, but we also have a wide selection of pet doors to install in your existing storm door!If you need a new door along with your pet door, these pre-installed pet doors would be the way to go! As seen above, we have two different categories of pre-installed pet door units - those in storm doors and those in glass doors.