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A Deshrieked Mandrake makes a good companion, most of the time. But they need attention, as all pets do. Stuff your ears with silk first. Just in case.

To learn how to brush your pet's teeth, Look at Instructive Videos under Interesting Stuff.

This might be the simplest yet the most overlooked tip: color coordinate your pet’s stuff with your home. As you decorate, DIY, or design elements for your place, you probably have a set color palette. No need to deviate from your existing scheme for your pet’s stuff. With the number of manufacturers online, you can find everything your pet needs in the right colors for your home. Tip: check Etsy for artisan pet products that fit any style and budget.

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Organize Your Pet’s Stuff If you think your pet has swallowed this stuff, DO NOT induce vomiting unless instructed by your vet or a poison control center professional. Sometimes the chemical can actually cause more damage coming up than going down.

When it comes to treatment, time is of the essence! Minutes count, and if antifreeze poisoning is caught later than a few hours, there’s a high likelihood of permanent kidney damage that will require lifelong intensive home care, if your pet survives.

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As much as we love our pets, sometimes they can be total jerks. According to a new study, and tend to break more of your stuff — ON PURPOSE. Like, just because they’re bored. If this comes as a surprise to you, you’ve obviously never had a cat. SquareTrade (a company that also sells insurance) recently released a report called and found that pretty much everyone with a pet has a story about that pet breaking something. They looked at a lot of household electronics — like TVs, iPads, and laptops — but found that it’s smart phones pets are really after.

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Want to have a nice home but your pet keeps chewing and scratching your stuff to smithereens—or worse, peeing on everything? Check out these tips and tricks from pet experts to stop the destruction. When SquareTrade asked their survey respondents why their animal broke their stuff, 73 percent assumed that their pet was probably just bored. As if chewing your iPhone into pieces was their backup plan once they ran out of to watch. The shame! Although, given that they can’t troll the internet for fail memes, can we really blame them?The Treats ‘n Books ‘n Stuff category include: Healthy treats that are non-GMO, domestically-sourced, high protein and very tasty (Yum!). This category also contains print books and e-books where you can learn more about how to help your pets. The "Stuff" in this category are items specific to pets who have special needs like your own pets, or are items for remembrance of the good times, long after our four-legged friends have moved on to their new home across the Rainbow Bridge.Pet toys can make your dog or cat happier, more mentally engaged, and more entertaining to hang out with. Buying toys is fine, but it can add up and sometimes your pet might not like the new toy. Making your own from stuff you already have at home cuts down on costs and gives your pet an endless supply of fun things to play with.