i was wondering do hedgehogs really like stuffed animals

Vogue Craft Sewing Pattern 8898 594 Stuffed Animals Hedgehog Rabbit Opossum Toy Linda Carr New Uncut

New , uncut FF Pattern, complete with instructions.
Envelope shows some wear and is missing a part off the flap.

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Spunky Hedgehog with Hat 8 inch Large Stuffed Animal Douglas Cuddle Toys 1838C

While Christmas shopping, I happened upon an ADORABLE little stuffed animal. It looked like a hedgehog, but they either all green colored or all red colored. Plus they had little antlers on them. I thought they were sooooo cute, but i didn't have the money to get one (i have a strict budget, and loving stuffed animals does not help :P ), and today, I had a bit extra cash with me when I went up to the city, but they were all gone. I just got onto Amazon, and I discovered there's a plethora of them! I want all of them now, and make Pindsvin's area covered in hedgies!

All - Hedgehog Stuffed Animals - theBIGzoo

BOKKUN-Sonic-the-Hedgehog-2004-UFO-Catcher-Japan-9-Plush-Rare-Stuffed-Animal Anyways, I am sure many know there's a TY beanie baby hedgehog which has 3 different versions (his name is Prickles), and in the Pokemon franchise, there's an adorable pokemon called shaymin, who has two forms, one looking like a hedgehog with flowers on its back (so cute!) and the other looking like a deer (my most favorite animal). I am sure Aurora has a hedgehog stuffed animal too....So here's my question/discussion creator, what hedgehog stuffed animals have you seen?

Sonic the Hedgehog Stuffed Animals & Plush - Walmart

A set of three Steiff stuffed animals. Featured are an owl and two hedgehog plush toys, including a Sigi hedgehog with original tags. All are made in Germany.

Harper the Hedgehog Stuffed Animal | Pier 1 Imports

Lots of people love Ty Stuffed Animals and this plush hedgehog is no different. Everyone can see that this little guy is just begging for hugs and who could resist such a cute face? No, not even a big tough guy would be able to turn down just one lil quick snuggle of this wild haired animal. I mean, check out his "hair" he looks like he just stepped out of the 80's and who doesn't love that "Big Hair" of the 80's?

Having a real live hedgehog might be fun but they take a lot of work. It might just be better if you got yourself (or someone else) this cute plush hedgehog instead. He is super easy to take care of and requires nothing but love...and maybe a little piece of your pillow at night. So this plush toy would make a great gift for kids of all ages or people who love to collect Ty Beanies.

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