Perhaps the best solution is a pet fish -- but not just any fish

Bitterlings seem to be relatively unknown in the pet trade yet are becoming more readily available, especially Asian Bitterlings such as the Rosy Bitterling. This is a small and slightly shy fish that does best in shoals of their own kind, at least 6. They can look fairly pale and washed out in stores, but once they are established in their tank they develop a lot more colour and can look a lot like from a distance! They prefer a cool tank with a sand substrate and lots of rocks/ for cover. They prefer alkaline conditions to acidic. They are peaceful and should work well with other sub-tropical community fish such as Gobies.

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From the day they were born, my sons always had a Corgi pup in their lives. Having a dog to help raise and teach the boys about kindness and responsibility was a blessing. Sadly, while the kids were visiting their dad in Florida, our dog passed away. On the way home from the airport I had to tell them what happened. The drive from Logan Airport to the North Shore took 45 minutes and as we headed home I asked a simple question. "What are your very best memories of Lannie?" It was a risk, I know, because this was a huge loss for them. For the next 30 minutes they shared and laughed. They also decided it was too soon to get another dog. But not too soon to get some gold fish!! We stopped at the mall in Peabody and they each picked out a gold fish (we already had the tank, etc. at home). So Fatso and Tiny came to live with us and lasted long beyond the life expectancy of 99 cent gold fish. IMHO I wouldn't exactly describe fish as pets, but they can teach your children lots about responsibility and the value of life.

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Are you thinking about getting a fish but aren't sure whether or not a fish would make the best pet This is an unusual eel-like fish often found lurking around the bottom of Goldfish tanks at pet stores, usually when they're only 7.6-12.7cm (3-5"). They are not ideal tank mates with Goldfish however. Weather Loaches are so named as when the air pressure changes, such as an incoming thunder storm, they will go mad, dashing about and crashing into everything. For this reason they need a secure tank with quick tank mates, they will crash into slower moving tank mates and could cause internal injuries. If they find the wall of the tank they will go up, and out if the tank is open topped! They do best in a spacious tank with a good amount of hiding places and for it to be well oxygenated. They do enjoy a good dig, so soft sandy substrate is beneficial, they will also potentially uproot plants.

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Bottom-dwelling freshwater Gobies are becoming increasingly more available in the pet trade. The Candidus Goby is peaceful towards tank mates, except if they're other Gobies. It's best to keep one to a tank, or a male/female pair may work if the tank is large enough. Their tank should be a minimum of 61cm (24") in length with a gravel/sand mix substrate and hiding places in rounded river rocks and . They are a current and high oxygen loving species so should work well with fish that like the similar conditions such as . They are bottom dwelling and they may dig in the substrate, so all décor should be secure. Water quality should be excellent and they are best only kept in well matured tanks.

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