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The online handler course provides information and training that will prepare you to volunteer effectively with your animal as a Pet Partners therapy animal team in a variety of environments. Prior to signing up for this course, please check to see if your animal meets the health requirements and if there is a local Evaluator in your area. If there is no local Evaluator you will not be able to register with Pet Partners unless you are willing to travel to evaluate. This course content is also available as an in-person workshop. See the for future dates in your community.

How much do you think the average pet owner spent online on holiday pet gifts?

Fraudsters are going after future pet owners by placing a false ad for pets online then scamming them into more money after they are emotionally invested in the cuddly ball of fuzz.

Williamson County residents may register their pets online.

Make a difference today. Support the work of Pet Partners by making a donation online! ‘Tail’ as old as time: Most of victims reported finding a pet online and, after contacting the seller, were told to wire the money. Continued requests for more money would follow – the usual excuses were for shipping and specialty kennels. Consumers reported losing out on thousands of dollars as well as never receiving the pet.

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Will I continue to order my cat food online and possibly even set it up as a subscription? I’m not sure, but the fact that I can also pay less and get free shipping makes it an even more attractive option. And I imagine I’m not the only non-millennial pet owner who is starting to re-evaluate how and where they buy pet food.

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BBB Serving Northeast Florida & The Southeast Atlantic is cautioning consumers who are shopping for pets online to be aware of the many online scams associated with the process. If you are searching for your your new "fur-ever" friend avoid being scammed with the following tips. Avoid buying online. The facts are prevalent about the dangers of buying pets online. Unless you can visit the breeding facility before the purchase and bring your puppy home personally, do not purchase a puppy from a website. When you have a puppy shipped from another area, you don’t know how that puppy has been treated, how healthy or young it is, or whether or not the puppy exists at all. Hello everyone! Welcome to the number one site where you can play the best online flash game Can Your Pet for free. The first thing that comes to mind when you enter the site is its sophisticated design and nice art work created by Iving and Ransuz art. I’m pretty sure you will like soundtracks too. If you are interested who made them, just get to the finish line and the titles will show you the necessary information about anything that relates to the game. Our website enables you to play with Better Business Bureau serving the Northwest advises animal lovers to be vigilant of pet scams when searching online. Consumers across the Northwest reporting to BBB's Scam Tracker have lost an estimated $9,000 in the last three months and $8,000 in 2016 to online pet scams.