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Tiki Dog offers high-protein, nutrient-dense formulas to satisfy the carnivorous heritage in your pets. Their diets use only quality ingredients that are highly palatable and hand-packed in a human-grade facility. Tiki Dog formulas are vitamin rich and nutritionally balanced to support all life stages.

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Tiki Pets believes that if it isn't part of cats' natural prey parameters, it shouldn't be in their food, and that includes carbohydrates. In the wild, cats eat little to no carbohydrates, and Tiki Pets has found that diets high in carbohydrates and low in animal protein can lead to health issues. That's why Tiki formulas are grain-free and contain low or zero carbohydrates.

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Petropics Tiki Dog Canned Dog Food, at Only Natural Pet Store, perfect for adult canine maintenance I actually own a retail business up where Pet tropics is located and we tout only American and Canadian made products. Which is what prompted my initial question. I apologize for not clarifying. The thing is we have had several customer ask about Tiki. Which makes us a little torn on whether to carry it or not. It is more than likely we won’t due to its country of origin but we like to have feedback (from our customers as well) and DFA always has a community with great communication on such matters.

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If Tiki Cat would buy some TV ads and simply peel the top off the cans so the people could see that there’s nothing nondescript or “mystery meat” about the food because it is real food and and looks like real food, the stuff would FLY off the store shelves. You could literally use Tiki Cat’s chicken to make chicken tacos. It looks appetizing and it’s safe.

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The TikiPets Company markets itself as a gourmet pet food brand, offering a number of products that feature fresh, wholesome ingredients that mimic the natural diets of wild cats and dogs. According to the brand website, Tiki was the first company to offer true gourmet pet foods and they offer a range of different products including grain-free options and recipes made with human-grade sliced and whole shredded meats. This company is based in Charleston, Illinois and is owned by the Hackett family so their products have a unique homemade feel. Tiki’s cat food products are formulated around various premium proteins like ahi tuna and wild salmon, designed to follow a biologically appropriate approach to pet nutrition.The TikiPets Company is unique in that they only offer canned food products for cats – no kibble. This company offers two different product lines for cat food – Tiki Cat and Gourmet Carnivore. The Tiki Cat line of canned foods features human-grade shredded or sliced meats and seafood ingredients such as wild salmon, ahi tuna, crab, lobster, and sardines. The Gourmet Carnivore line of products features grain-free recipes made with fresh meats, hand diced organ meats, all simmered in a flavorful consommé broth.Petropics Gourmet Whole Foods, the company that produces the Tiki Cat brand, is a family-owned company based in Charleston, Illinois. Both the cat food and dog food lines are owned and distributed in the United States, but the products are actually made in Thailand. According to Petropics, all of their products are manufactured in “award-winning human-grade canning plants” using high-quality ingredients, though this is difficult to qualify.Tiki Cat and Tiki Dog offer natural, gourmet whole food formulas that mimic a natural prey diet your pet is sure to love. Real food makes real sense.