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There are a few reptiles, which seek a high amount of moisture, while others thrive best in dry atmosphere. The tropical lizards require huge amount of humidity. Thus, find the suitable cage before you bring home the pets.

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Welcome to the Tropical Reptile Lighting superstore! Here at Pet Mountain, our goal is to make setting up and maintaining your scaly friend's terrarium as quick, simple and, yes, fun as possible. And when dealing with reptiles, there's simply no skimping on adequate lighting. Like fish, reptiles base many of their natural behaviors on the type of light available to them. Providing inadequate sources of light, heat and UV can have serious effects on your pet's health, activity and longevity. Providing your lizard, snake, turtle or frog with appropriate lighting based on its natural environment is essential for providing your pet with the best life possible.

Light helps regulate reptiles' sleep cycle, mating habits and overall health. Heat is crucial for cold-blooded reptiles, as it maintains a proper body temperature, aids digestion and promotes healthy activities. Tropical reptiles appreciate bright light during the day and deep blue light at night, with plenty of heat at all times. In addition to a simple warm bulb though, you may want to keep a few other factors in mind when choosing a lighting system for desert reptiles. UVB ultraviolet light enables good vitamin D production and calcium metabolism, both of which help prevent metabolic and bone diseases. UVA ultraviolet rays are invisible to humans but visible to reptiles. When this light is present in reptile terrariums and enclosures, it helps increase activity levels, appetite, and reproductive behaviors. Without UVA, many reptiles are effectively color blind!

Our Tropical Reptile Lighting Store features bulbs and fixtures for every reptile terrarium or cage. Be sure to research your specific pet's requirements so you can select the lighting solution that's best for them!

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