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Veiled Chameleons are among the most popular chameleon species kept as pets. This is a beautiful large species of chameleon that has fascinating behaviors. Chameleons require daily care and are considered higher maintenance than many other reptiles. Veiled Chameleons are a good choice for beginning chameleon hobbyists, yet are challenging for a beginning reptile keeper. Captive bred Veiled Chameleons are readily available and are always recommended over wild caught animals.

Yet, what truly makes Veiled Chameleons and Yemen Chameleons so prevalent as pets?

The term "pet" is used loosely with veiled chameleons as they do not like being played with nor do they care for handling, and may be aggressive. In fact, handling or playing with your chameleon can stress the reptile so much that it may cause illness or even death. Most veiled chameleons will bite when provoked. Handling your chameleon should only be done when they need to be moved out of their cage for cleaning, or if they need to be taken to the vet. In general, they are display animals rather than pets that are to be "played with."

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The most popular varieties kept as pets are the Veiled, Panther, and Jackson's chameleons Veiled chameleons are not "pets" in the traditional sense. They do not like being handled or played with, and in fact these activities, if taken to extremes, can stress the animal severely. If however, you do desire an animal that is beautiful, interesting, and a challenge to care for, a veiled chameleon is a good choice. The captive care of veiled chameleons includes several different facets such as, housing, heating and lighting, and diet.

Maintain less than 60% humidity

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The veiled chameleon () is the most commonly bred and available species of its genus in herpetoculture. The popularity of the veiled chameleon is due to a number of factors: veiled chameleons are relatively hardy, large, beautiful, and prolific. It is not uncommon to encounter this species in pet shops, even pet shops that do not specialize in reptiles. Unfortunately, veiled chameleons are all too often purchased from reptile shows or pet shops without the correct information on their proper care and management in captivity. It is the responsibility of the seller to provide information on captive care, as it is also the responsibility of the purchaser to seek it before the animal is brought home. Veiled chameleons are native to Yemen and southern Saudi Arabia, and reside in an amazing variety of different habitats. As such, this species is tolerant of temperature and humidity extremes, which contributes to its hardiness as a captive. Chameleons as a genus are "high maintenance" reptile pets, and although veileds are among the easiest chameleons to care for, they still require careful attention. There are several aspects to veiled chameleon husbandry, the first being the purchase of a healthy animal, and the second, providing the appropriate captive care.

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