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Virbac Animal Health is the manufacturer of both Sebolux Shampoo and Dermazole Shampoo. The active ingredients in Sebolux are salicylic acid 2% and solubilized sulfur 2%. Darmazole's active ingredients are salicylic acid 2% and Miconazole 2%. Miconazole is an antifungal.

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Virbac Animal Health by Virbac makes fantastic products like Iverhart Plus and Virbac Shampoos for dogs and cats. We carry Virbac medicated shampoos to treat a variety of skin conditions in dogs and cats from allergic dermatitis to dry flaky skin to normal grooming shampoo. Virbac is dedicated to making quality animal health products for pet owners everywhere. In this section, you’ll find a while range of fine Virbac products for your pet.

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Virbac Animal Health Virbac Keratolux Shampoo Lambert Vet Supply $24.64 .. FORT WORTH, TX, Jan. 4, 2002-Virbac, a leader in animal health and dermatology, has introduced KetoChlor, the first veterinary ketoconazole-based shampoo available in the U.S. that fights both bacterial and fungal skin infections in dogs and cats.

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