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"I hope you remember me from Singapore. I had previously purchase 2 sets of your pet doors from you sometime in June (wall-mounted and door mounted each). We are finally done with our renovations (it is ALOT of work!!) and have the pet doors finally installed. Our 3 dogs (2 mini schnauzers and a husky) took a couple of days to get used to the door but this is much better than our previous one where the flap did not close properly and we were always leaking air conditioning. We used to keep the bedroom door open so that the dogs could access to the outside when they needed to go. We don?t have to do that anymore. Our bedroom is now cooler and the air conditioning doesn?t have to work so hard; and we get our privacy while the dogs get theirs when needed. Inastallation was easy and was well worth it." --Randy S., Singapore

3. Construction of the wall mounts pet doors entail the use of high-quality materials that which provide excellent insulation.

If you are looking for a wall installed doggie door with excellent insulation and energy efficiency, we recommend Endura wall mount dog doors made by our friends at Patio Pacific and available here at High Tech Pet at the best price anywhere. The Ideal Ruff Weather dog door with dual flap design are also a good wall install pet door option. These are well constructed pet doors that are safe, secure and well insulated and designed for through wall installation.

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The construction of wall mounted pet doors involves the use of high-quality materials geared to providing insulation. Wall Dog Door - Dog Door Wall - wall mounted dog doors have come a long way in technology. What was a great door in the past is now just an average pet door. New materials have been used in flaps to make them more durable and withstand extreme temperatures without distorting. You will find this material in the Pet-Corp dog doors. The integrated tunnel system eliminates the need to cut the tunnel to fit. Half of the tunnel is on one frame and half on the other. They telescope together for a perfect fit every time. There is no need to cut the tunnel. This makes it the easiest wall mount dog door available.

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The main drawback of a door-mounted door is that it lacks the flexibility offered by a wall-mounted unit. Door-mounted units are limited in their location to exterior doors. They also cannot accommodate many of the pet-friendly situations that wall mounts can. The final slight drawback is that a door-mounted cat door is slightly more expensive than a comparable wall mount – though installation costs for a wall mount can easily overwhelm that difference.

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