Question 1: How often do you have sex

And it's not just your own microbial life you're sleeping with. In addition to the fungi and bacteria that come from your sweat, sputum, skin cells, and vaginal and anal excretions, you also share your bed with foreign microbes. These include animal dander, pollen, soil, lint, dust mite debris and feces, and finishing agents from whatever your sheets are made from, to name a few.

Are you ferocious like a lion or gentle like a lamb in bed? Take this quiz to find out!

My Husband brought these nasty bugs home on one of his away from home business trips! I was getting bit constantly and I am allergic. I thought it was ants! Oh geez!
I am ocd so my house is clean. The problem was my house is wall to wall carpet and wood everything. Our bed is a captains waterbed- wood! We have 4 small fur babies and it was a living nightmare!
When I found out what they were of course I panicked! (OCD)
I wasn’t able to sleep so sleep deprivation set in rather quickly too.
First I used bug sprays. WASTE OF MONEY. They would come right back. I mean right back!
I vacuumed like a tweaker at all hours. I read about rubbing alcohol and sprayed it everywhere. No. And, It can cause fires! I then sprayed bleach spray where I could which, no. That only killed on contact. I then heat sprayed every damn thing with my Shark steamer. YAY! It worked for one bite free night! Mind you, I was washing everything with laundry soap, bleach when applicable, and a few drops of Dawn dish soap, especially pillows and comforters! And high heat dryer settings. Some stuff I left in the dryer drying for an hour.
No. There were still bites!
By this time our furbabies have had a bath a day and were growling at me if I just looked at them. Ugh!
I can laugh about it now.

Hell, you can even invent new ones

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