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But what about outside of captivity? Are there known instances of animals in the wild taking other animals (specifically, dogs) as pets?

What’s the difference between African wild dogs and the dogs we know as pets?

Those success stories are outright lies or highly fabricated. Other wild animals such as wolves are able to be kept as ''pets'' although i wouldn't agree totally with this.. The reason is their social structure and behavior is a lot more similar to the traditional pets - dogs. Hyenas on the other hand... totally different story altogether!! Aggression is very very very common in hyena clans. Same sex (female) siblings will routinely kill each other when they are days old, members of the same clan don't just squabble the same as wolves; they disagree and kill each other. African wild dogs are the same but to a lesser degree than the hyenas. Neither will make a good pet, there are people in Nigeria who travel with hyenas and baboons and put on shows for tourists, but that is it. These are serious wild animals that are not to be taken lightly and will never make good pets for anyone ever. Same goes for big cats, but that is a whole other story and these animals and issues are something i could write about for hours!!

It appears to be a domestic dog, complete with collar and leash ..

What's the difference between African wild dogs and the dogs we know as pets We hope that you have enjoyed finding out about all of the different types of wild dogs. As all dog owners know, dogs are fascinating animals, being intelligent, communicative and social. Perhaps it’s the Domestic Dog’s innate pack instinct that makes them such valued family pets. Remember, the Domestic Dog is merely a subspecies of the Grey Wolf!

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The pets that didn't die in the storm were left to fend for themselves. In the end, over 600,000 animals were killed or stranded because of Hurricane Katrina. In addition, many houses that sustained 6 to 15 feet of water were uninhabitable after the storm and were abandoned. Hurricane Katrina didn't introduce stray dogs to New Orleans, but it certainly accelerated the problem. Today, much of the city looks as though it has not been touched since 2005, and the abandoned sections of New Orleans have been taken over by weeds, blight, and wild dogs.

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It is believed that the domestic dog descended not from the wild dog but from the wolf. This is primarily due to differences in social structure between these two species. Unlike the wolf, which orders its society in a strong hierarchy, wild dogs tend to act as a pack, without any formal social structure. Domestic dogs must accept their role as subordinate to their owners, and since wild dogs are not naturally submissive, they are unsuccessful as pets. The majority of African painted dogs are currently residing in Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania.In the wild, African painted dogs live in packs. They are family dogs, who follow a very strict hierarchy system. For example, when the alpha male passes away, it is not the next strongest pack member who takes control. Only a direct descendant of the alpha will lead the pack – the deceased alpha’s son. Packs range from couples to groups of 30 dogs.In Martin Clune’s documentary “A Man and His Dogs: Part II,” Clune visits an African dog conservation center. This is where he discovers the dogs’ true nature, and how they differ so greatly from the domesticated dogs we know as pets. As an older female attempted to join the young pack, recently released from captivity, she was immediately attacked. The dogs began to kill her as Martin Clune watched in horror.