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Most pet owners worry about food safety, and with good reason. Taste of the Wild products are produced in facilities using the latest scientific and technological advancements to create a comprehensive food safety system that ensures your pet’s food is always safe and nutritious. These safety standards employ a range of monitoring and testing procedures, including:

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We know you are protective of your pet, which is why we are protective of what goes into their food. At Taste of the Wild, we believe in only using the highest quality ingredients at a price you can afford.

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Taste of the Wild Pet Food Pacific Stream dog food - Pet Food Industry When changing to Taste of the Wild, we recommend making a gradual transition over 7-10 days to help avoid possible digestive upset in sensitive pets. Add a small amount of new food to your dog’s previous diet, gradually increasing the new and decreasing the previous diet until the transition is complete.

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Since 70% of your pet's immune system is found in the gut, it makes sense to choose a food that's good for the digestive tract. Taste of the Wild includes prebiotics and species-specific probiotics with bacteria that's naturally found in a dog's GI tract. The proprietary K9 Strain probiotics are added after the kibble is cooked so your dog gets guaranteed live, active cultures that support healthy digestion.

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Product(s) I currently feed my pet: Rocky Mountain Feline Formula I have three cats, all different ages with differing dietary needs. One of cats in particular has overly sensitive GI tract and easily gets diarrhea. Another one is over weight and would eat like a hog. I have tried numerous different cat food brands over the years, including very expensive “vet only” formulas. Your product beats all. When using other dry cat food, my cats were always hungry. When I first gave them Taste of the Wild, they went after it like raw meat. After a day or so they were all satisfied and now self regulate. Even the fat one eats less and has lost weight. You have the best product out there, bar none. Don’t change it. And I appreciate that it is reasonably priced. ThanksTaste of the Wild cat foods provide your feline with the best nutrition available today, based on grain-free formulas that reflect their ancestral diet. Taste of the Wild is part of the Diamond Pet Foods family of products, and is made entirely in the USA at Diamond Pet Foods’ manufacturing facilities.I just wanted to say thank you so much for making a great product. My 10 yr old Lab has always suffered from allergies(even more since we relocated to FL) A pet store owner recommended your product, so I thought I would give it a try. My dog loves the taste, she is scratching less, and her coat is beautiful and shiny! From now on Taste of the Wild is the only dog food I will buy.Taste of the Wild makes grain free pet foods for dogs and cats. Most of their foods have a higher meat protein content than traditional pet foods while their prices are fairly reasonable.