Ancient Island Turtle (6-7, Lost Isles) | WoW Hunter Pets

In addition to new pets, Wowhead datamined some including Australian Shepherd puppies (pictured below, courtesy of Wowhead). We can only hope these cute canines will be collectible battle pets!

Sand Turtle (70, Borean Tundra) | WoW Hunter Pets

You guys probably gonna downrate this but i'll tell it anyway so, this what happened; i was flying through Sulfuron Spire and thinking that mby my luck would turn around with these rare elite pets (i had horrible...horrible luck with Spirit Beasts in WotLK) and then BOOOM my NPCscan went crazy and i was looking around and there he was, the one and only Terrorpene! But.. there was this evil and greedy Draenei Hunter (82 lvl) called Robinhoed, and i went down there to tame him and Robinhoed couldn't take it and killed me while taming. When i did came back i saw him taming Terrorpene but he didn't get it neither. Now at this point i went straight to wowhead to check some tips and saw Kalibir's post (THANK YOU!) and by following those tips i fly'd soon as possible back to Sulfuron Spire and hoping that this Draenei Hunter wouldn't managed to get it and i was flying around for a sec and didn't saw him and Terrorpene was still there!, so i landed and started to taming him and when i had 5% left of my taming spell that damn evil and greedy Draenei Hunter tryed to zerg me but i still managed to get Terrorpene! I lolled SO hard after that by thinking how mad that other hunter was. So please my fellow hunter's do not try to steal that pet if u weren't there first!

Dragon Turtle (70, Black Temple) | WoW Hunter Pets

WoW Pet Sand Turtle found in Borean Tundra from the Turtle hunter pet family at levels 70. i flew to Hyjal, looked around sulfaron spire for a few minutes, then decided to go read up on him on wowhead more.. started reading looked at his spawn points started flying around again and landed at 54x73, and saw him walking around right in front of me. i nearly had a heart attack, figured someone else had to be near so i jumped into action , dismissed my pet, and figured im level 85 i can withstand the lava so started taming right then and there, he got me to like 10% health so i Fd''d aggro, eat food to heal, looking all around figuring someone would get him, turned into a dragon, found him again, moved to a safe location on a ledge at 51x83 started casting tame and my heart was pounding so hard, i figured something would happen to prevent this... i couldn't believe id actually get him after less than a few minutes of camping...he does hit you with some kind of fire dmg for like 10k (not sure if its per tick or not), he got me down to about 40% health so when i was more prepared and not standing in lava it was easy @85

Hunter Pet: Elite Turtle in Hyjal! - Hunter - Wowhead Forums

So i flew over to the Throne of Flame then went on wowhead to see and check his exact spawn locations and any other comments people had... well sure enough when I opened world of warcraft back up he was swimming right below me in the water... lol. Anyways taming him is a bit tricky as you see he does a lot of damage and is immune to traps. I recommend at least 80k health and a haste potion. Happy Hunting !! :)

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